Velum Air XL

Fast protection for motors

Velum MOTOR is the solution designed to protect electric motors. It consists of a patented system with reusable polypropylene holder, with magnet or O-ring attachment included in the package, and a polyester filter.

Velum MOTOR is easy to apply to the fan of any kind of electric motor and provides many advantages:

• It protects your investments in machinery and equipment.

• It protects the life of the motor by keeping the cooling slotsand motor body clean.

• It reduces maintenance costs•No downtime thanks to easy application and replacement.

•It protects workers’ health. The motor fans, in fact, ensureair circulation. The Velum MOTOR filter holds harmfulparticles and prevents them from being released into theenvironment.

•The visual control allows you to understand when the filterneeds to be replaced, so as to always guarantee adequateairflow.

Each Velum Motor box consists of :
1 holder, 1 O-ring and 12 filters

Available in 8 sizes:
300 mm – 260 mm – 230 mm – 200 mm – 175 mm – 150 mm – 120 mm – 100 mm

Velum Motor


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