Twisted yarns

The wide variety of machines at our disposal allow us to twist almost any type of fibre that exists on the market, both multifilament and staple yarns including:

• Cotton
• Fluorocarbon, PTFT
• Flax
• Meta-aramid
• Para-aramid
• Polyamide

• Polyester
• Polypropylene
• Vectran®
• Viscose

Our twisted-fibre products are used in a wide range of areas, including:

• Plastics industry
• Automotive industry
• Food industry
• Electric engines
• Wreath yarns

• Embroidery yarns
• Label strings
• Industrial sewing threads
• Archival strings
• Sack sewing

We also perform sub-contract work, involving twisting our clients’ own materials, and can stock clients’ raw materials and finished products, per agreement.

Cordgarn can also produce braided cords to your specifications.

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