Filter cartridges

Filter cartridges are available in a number of different constructions. Temperature, liquid, viscosity, flow, chemical compatibility, and particle type guide the choice of filter cartridge. Filter cartridges are divided into nominal, semi-absolute, and absolute membrane filters.

The various filter media, connection types, lengths and dimensions make the variations among cartridges very large. Cordgarn produces cartridge filters for most types of filter housing and based on our clients’ requirements and applications. Cordgarn can offer standard filters, but also several special ones, such as Cuno filters. We will help you to find the correct cartridge for your application in our range. Below, are some of the most common types of filter cartridge described.

Melt Blown filter cartridges

Melt-blown filter cartridges belong to the category of mechanical filters and have a nominal filtering efficiency of 95%. These are manufactured using polypropylene, polyester, or polyamide, and are available with three different connection types.

The cartridges are suitable for filtering liquids where, efficient filtering of pollutants is needed.


String-wound filter cartridge

Cordgarn’s string-wound cartridges are available in different materials, including polypropylene, cotton, fibreglass, PPS, and viscose. These come in a number of different lengths, micron ratings, and diameters, and have various properties.


Bag filter cartridge

Cordgarn’s bag filter cartridges are folded filter cartridges for bag filter housings. Their design ensures optimal flow and long life. This solution combines the advantages of filter cartridges with the simplicity of bag filter housings. The result uniquely combines high-flow filtering and ease of use.

Bag filter cartridges are suitable for sea water, drinking water, food, machines, and equipment applications. The cartridges are available in a wide variation of micron ratings.



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