Project Description

Cable yarns

Cordgarn has supplied cable manufacturers with various types of yarn for over 40 years.

Our production facilities allow us to twist materials from single threads of c. 0.05 mm to thick cords of c. 12 mm in diameter.

Cordgarn produces cable yarns in a great number of different materials, including polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, para-aramid, Vectran, and cotton.

We can also manufacture hybrid yarns to achieve specific properties.

The yarns are delivered on a wide variety of paper spools, cones, plastic spools, and wooden reels. In most cases it is possible to for us to deliver on our clients’ own production spools/reels if this is desired.

Our range of products includes:

• Binder yarns
• Ripcords
• Identification threads
• Identification-/ripcords
• Filler yarns
• Flame-retardant yarns
• Parallel-laid yarns

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