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Cordgarn have a cooperation with ILS Nordic AB in order to be able to offer our clients a wider range of industrial lubricants and filtering. With ILS Nordic as a partner, We are able to offer our clients the contacts and competence of both companies.

ILS Nordic collaborates closely with Swedish industry. It markets and sells industrial lubricants and chemicals for workshops, and provides a range of different services. The product range comprises metal-working liquids, lubricants, cleaning liquids, anti-corrosion agents, technical equipment, etc.

Service is also an important part of operations, and can involve anything from simple solutions to more advanced processes.

ILS is a strategic collaboration partner, and the only Castrol brand ambassador on the Swedish industrial market. This means that they collaborate closely with Castrol and, in addition to their own resources, have access to the vast resources and information available to Castrol.

ILS Nordic has extensive experience of the industry and is able to offer a strong product range and service adapted to your operations.

Its operations are built on the core values of flexibility, speed, quality, and added value for their clients.

Environmenal issues are important to ILS Nordic, and so it has chosen to collaborate with cutting-edge partners who work with the latest product technology.

ILS Nordic also owns the subsidiary Autolubes Nordic AB, which markets and sells lubricants to the Swedish and Norwegian automotive markets.


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+46 320-740 10